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  1. My husband and I attended the 11 AM Latin Mass last Sunday, 9/3/17. Fr. Cusick welcomed all guests and invited all to coffee and lunch after mass. The mass was very reverent and allowed for a deep prayerful experience. The altar servers seemed very well trained and I thought to myself that vocations might gush out of this small parish!
    Fr. Kusick, sitting outside on some nearby steps, called to my husband and myself as we were leaving. He welcomed us and asked where we were from. He chatted a bit and was very personable and warm. We gave our regrets, but as we walked away, I noticed 6-8 small children surrounding the Father. I thought how we all must be like “small children”.
    the parish is very community oriented and welcoming.
    I will return and am thankful for the Mass. Thank you Father Kusick!

  2. I have twice tried to send you a Thank you for last Sunday mass at 11. Thank you for your hospitality, your warm welcome anD gift of a Beautiful mass. I hope my message sends this time! I will be back!

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